Monday, August 2, 2010

Zoo Keepers

We decided to brave the crowd and head to the NC Zoo on Memorial Day.  Whew!  It was crowded!  And hot!  Before we got there, Noah said he wanted to see a polar bear and a parrot.  That's it.  Thank goodness we were able to oblige.  Gigi, Pap, and Ammon's sister Joni (and fam) were able to come too.  We bought a year membership which gets us into other zoos and aquariums for free!  When we were in Myrtle Beach we hit up the aquarium.  The boys loved it!  Here are some pictures of our day.

Here's Griffin, Kiera and Lathen watching the seals.

And again.

 Noah climbed this huge rock and was so proud of himself!  He doesn't know that he got a little help from dear old dad.  : )

Watching the alligators.  Or crocodiles.  I'm not sure which.

There was this really neat water fountain exhibit.  The water would stay low for awhile and then shoot up like a rocket.  Pretty cool.

This was Noah's reaction when he saw it.

The boys were able to ride the carousel.  Noah HAD to be on the eagle (in the background) and Griffin picked the zebra.  I thought Noah might freak out once it started moving but he did great.  Loved every second.  And of course Griffin loved it.  That kid loves everything and has absolutely no fear.

As the day wore on, the clouds got thicker.  It down-poured for quite awhile.  We tried to stay dry but after about 15 minutes, Noah and Lathen started running around and splashing in the puddles.  For some reason, Noah held his shorts up the whole time.  I guess he didn't want them to get wet?

We had a great time but the rain was getting to be a little much for the kids.  Griffin was exhausted and falling asleep in the stroller while getting pounded by rain.  And Noah could not get warm.  We headed back to the car for some dry clothes and lunch.  Before we even got onto the main road, Griffin looked like this.  Noah toughed it out a few minutes longer but soon looked like this:

We're excited to go back!!  Once it cools down a little.

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Diane said...

what a great narrative with the pictures. I want to go to the zoo with the boys..and you and Ammon. Since you guys have a membership...let's do it sometime!!
Love Griffin's whole hand in his mouth and Noah on top of the rock.

Mommydew said...

Great pictures!

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