Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The night began at our friend’s house.  We visited for awhile and then headed out to walk their street. 

Trick-or-treating is not like it was when I was a kid.  It seemed like when I went out, every single house was lit up and I’d fill up my pillowcase in no time. 

Things have definitely changed. 

We weren’t having much luck at our friend’s house, so we decided to come back to our neighborhood and drive the car around.  The boys wanted to trick or treat, but not walk and walk and walk in the cold, dark night. 

I drove and Ammon and the boys sat in the back and I would let them off at the lit houses. 

At 7:58 (his bedtime is 8pm) Noah said he was done trick-or-treating.  He said he was having fun, and that he wanted to trick-or-treat next Halloween, he was just done for that night.

Griffin was having so much fun and wanted to keep going.  Noah climbed up in the front seat with me and we had a wonderful time chatting and eating candy.

That boy is so wonderful…

At 8:40pm, we made Griffin stop.  People were starting to turn their lights off and we already had PLENTY of candy.

I loved our evening together, as family.  Here are a few pictures from before we headed out.



Noah’s trying to hold Griffin still so I can get a picture of him.  He wants to do anything he can to please me.  Noah insisted on wearing his worn out Spiderman costume trick-or-treating.


While Griffin is just fine being a stinker.  Ay ay ay…


I could only get this super fake smile out of him.  He has loved this costume to death.  He wants to be a garden gnome next year too.

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Diane said...

I'm so glad your Halloween was so great. Those are terrific memories for me...when all of you were young. set the record straight, we DID have some pumpkin candy buckets...but you guys always wanted the pillowcases because they held more! worked for me as a kid, too!

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