Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Noah’s First Wolverine Costume

If you came over today and asked Noah to put on his wolverine costume, you’d see something like this.


Gigi got this for him for his 5th birthday, and he LOVES it!  But before he got the real thing, there was this one.

C360_2011-08-08 18-20-00

One day, he just decided to make his own.  He was tired of waiting for the real one and knew that he could do it.  He was so determined.  He colored it all the right colors, cut it out and made me take pictures so that we could show Dad.  :)

C360_2011-08-08 18-18-50

He doesn’t like it when he puts a costume on and people think he is the real thing.  So on this costume, he wrote “NOAH” on the mask so people would know that it was really him.  : )

C360_2011-08-08 18-20-27_org

Check out those claws!

C360_2011-08-08 18-22-38_org

Noah is such a fun kid.  When he gets into something, he is ALL in.  At first, it was trains.  Now, it’s superheroes.  His favorites are Wolverine, Spiderman and Batman.  In fact, for his 5th birthday, he wanted 3 cakes.  1 for each of his favorite superheroes.  But that’s a different post…

C360_2011-08-08 18-23-56_org

I love that he followed through with a thought he had.  He wanted a costume, knew he couldn’t have the real one, so he made his own.

C360_2011-08-08 18-25-04_org

And he did a fabulous job, if you ask me!  ; )

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Diane said...

He's definitely got the moves!!! I absolutely LOVE that he wrote Noah on his mask. And you're right, he was pretending to be Spiderman here one day...and I said "Hi, Spiderman!" He calmly said, "Nana, I'm not really Spiderman. I'm Noah. You know me." Cracked me up.
What a cool outfit Ginger bought him! And I am blown away by his persistence and creativity in making his own...all the details! Makes me just wonder what that boy will accomplish in his life.

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