Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A day at the pool…

At least once a year, Cortney invites us over to her parents’ home for a swim party.  This pool is so amazingly landscaped and is absolutely gorgeous.  I have posted about it before, in this post.  My boys love being able to go and spend time swimming with their cousins.

C360_2011-06-23 14-23-22_org 

At this time, Griffin did not feel comfortable swimming on his own.  He had to have his “cube” (tube) and his arm floaties and then he was fine.

C360_2011-06-23 15-42-29_org

He enjoyed just floating around the pool, relaxing.  I forgot my camera, but was so glad I had my phone with me so I could capture this shot.  Man, he’s cute!

C360_2011-06-23 15-42-58_org 

This picture makes me laugh… Look at his toes!!  Don’t worry, I’d still love him even if his toes really looked like that.

C360_2011-06-23 15-45-50_org

I didn’t get many pictures of Noah because after a few minutes, this is where he was.  You may think that you’re looking at a pile of towels…

C360_2011-06-23 15-46-00_org 

Nope!  It’s Noah.  He’s just like his mommy.  We get cold VERY easily, especially in water.


Thanks for having us, Cortney!  Can’t wait til next year!

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Diane said...

What a great day!! The second picture was my cell phone background for a long time!! I love how Griffin is just "chillin". And your last picture is so cool!
Love you!

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